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Liber Porta Arcana
Class "C"
(Being a Further Essay upon Number)

(sub figura: CCIV)

156: Mystery Babalon

BABALON: This variant spelling of Babylon is first found in the Enochian works of John Dee and Edward Kelly.

The qaballistic value of Babalon spelled in Hebrew is 156, the number of squares in each of the four elemental tablets given to Dee and Kelly by the Enochian Angels.

If you use inverted cards in a Tarot spread, there are 156 card meanings.

Aleister Crowley (considered by some to be the reincarnation of Kelly), continued to explore the Enochian magickal system. Liber 418, "The Vision and the Voice", details his skrying of the Enochian Aethyrs.

Babalon and Babylon are both seven lettered words and their values in Hebrew can both be written with seven sevens:

77 + ----- + 77 = 165 = BABYLON

7 + 7
77 + ----- + 77 = 156 = BABALON

In "An Essay Upon Numbers", Crowley has this to say about Babalon and the number 156:

"BABALON. This most holy and precious name is fully dealt with in Liber 418. Notice 12x13=156. This is not one of the a priori helpful numbers. It is rather a case of Qabalah illuminating St John's intentional obscurity."

And in "Magick in Theory and Practice" he has this to say:

"Thus, in low grades of initiation, dogmatic quarrels are inflamed by astral experience; as when Saint John distinguishes between the Whore Babalon and the Woman clothed with the Sun, between the Lamb that was slain and the Beast 666 whose deadly wound was healed; nor understands that Satan, the Old Serpent, in the Abyss, the Lake of Fire and Sulphur, is the Sun-Father, the vibration of Life, Lord of Infinite Space that flames with His Consuming Energy, and is also that throned Light whose Spirit is suffused through out the City of Jewels."

Woman clothed in the Sun = Babalon + Resh (spelled in full) = 156 + 510 = 666

Scarlet Woman = ShNI AShE = 360 + 306 = 666

666 and English Qabalah

A proof of the Thelemic nature of English Qabalah can be found in Roman Numerals. The key is a recursive formula analyzing the English Qabalah values of the letters forming a roman numeral.

First turn a number into a roman numeral. Then total the English Qabalah values of the letters forming the roman numeral.

The total is used as the starting number for the second pass thru the formula. Continue the process until a loop is formed by the second number repeating an earlier first number.

Any number you start with will fall into one of three closed loops:

69 = LXIX = 69.
58 = LVIII = 81 = LXXXI = 91 = XCI = 58.
68 = LXVIII = 103 = CIII = 82 = LXXXII = 114 = CXIV = 68.

The sum of the roman numerals forming any of the three closed loops is equal to the total English Qabalah value of the letters forming the loops roman numerals.

LXIX = 69
LVII + LXXXI + XCI = 230

The sum of the eight roman numerals forming the three closed loops is equal to the total value of their letters in English Qabalah.


The I-ching and 418

The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching are based on the interplay of yin and yang, expressed as broken and solid lines, derived from even and odd numbers.

In light of English Qabalah this is striking as:

Yin + Yang = 93 (eq)
Even + Odd = 93 (eq)

The progression of the formation of the 64 hexagrams is:

Yin and Yang = 2
The Four Images = 4
The Eight Trigrams = 8
The Sixty-four Hexagrams = 64

For a total of 78 symbols, the number of cards in a Tarot deck.

The number of lines used to form these 78 items are:

Yin and Yang = 2
The Four Images = 8
The Eight Trigrams = 24
The Sixty-four Hexagrams = 384

For a total of 418, a key Thelemic number.

-Joel Love