The Cube's graph wave can be plotted with multiple symmetries and unveil startling geometrical glyphs which further prove the veracity of this qabalistic system, for Crowley to have not known that these glyphs were in his own work is to defy irrational amounts of probability.

From the glyph a whole new set of variables may be obtained, based totally on the english alphabet, just as Nuit asserts to Crowley that the manuscript of Liber AL contains this new system, Crowley also asserted that the full interpretation of Liber 27 was concelaed to all, we now assert that this no longer true. LiberAL and Liber 27 contains, unknown to The Master Therion, an entirely new 'yetziratic system' a symbol structure which although marginally relates to the original Hebrew and Hermetic symbols, departs from them drastically by the inclusion and assimilation of the I-ching in its makeup.

Behold the Cube with its Manyfold Symmetries:

2-fold symmetry:

4-fold symmetry:

8-fold symmetry:

16-fold symmetry:

32-fold symmetry:

64-fold symmetry: